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Marigold flowers hold a special place in Indian culture. Often used during festivals like Diwali, as well as in weddings, the marigold symbolizes purity, auspiciousness, and the divine. The vibrant colors of marigolds represent the suns energy, signifying warmth, passion, and creativity; their scent is believed to ward off negativity and evil spirits.

Started by a seasoned and well-travelled professional chef, Marigold Indian Cuisine prides itself on delivering the very best North Indian food, withsome unique twists. It is our passion to create the finest flavor using fragrant, warm spices from the four corners of India. Each dish has its own distinctive taste and aroma which cannot come from any "curry powder," but from fresh spices prepared daily for each dish.

Our menu has options for vegetarians and vegans, meat lovers and seafood fans alike. Welcome to rich diversity of Marigold Indian Cuisine. We look forward to sharing our passion with you.

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Himalayan Biryani

20.00$ 15.50$

Himalayan basmati rice with your choice of protein, fresh spices and cashews, served with spiced yogurt raita.

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